• Interior Formatting
• Cover Design
• Copyediting & Proofreading
• Ebook Conversion
• Print-Ready Images
• Collateral Materials
• Quick Fixes & Consultations
• Guidance Through the
Self-Publishing Process


“I’m so glad I found Kate. She exuded quiet confidence throughout the design process. Even when I feared I was asking too much, Kate readily complied, supporting me and applying her fine eye for design to maximum effect in producing my beautiful book.”

(A. Lynn Ash, Eugeneana: Memoir of an Oregon Hometown)

“….hands down the most beautiful form in which my work has ever appeared. The typography, the flawless proofreading, the paper and binding, the flow of text on the page and choice of page breaks, all exhibit the finest traditions of book design.”

(Edward P. Butler, contributor to Walking the Worlds)

“I contracted with Kate to improve my novel for its second edition release. I found her to be extremely professional, kind, and competent, as well as detail-oriented and a timely communicator. Her services are well worth every penny.”

(J.D. Foslan, Loki’s Saga)

“Kate Winter helps authors bring the best version of their manuscripts to light. I needed expedited homestretch formatting and publishing assistance for my book. Kate truly lives up to her logo as being the ‘Resident Book Wizard.’ She gets things done! I also think of her as being a ‘Wonder Woman’ due to her excellent attention to detail, warm and supportive communication style, high-level follow-through, speed at completing deadlines, reasonable and generous rates, and multifaceted knowledge of the self-publishing field. I cannot recommend Kate Winter enough and will certainly seek out her assistance for my next writing endeavors.”

(Cathy Rosewell Jonas, Metamorphosis of an Awakened Heart)

“Kate Winter has provided me with outstanding help with preparing my book for publishing. I highly recommend hiring her to work with you, the author. She is an expert in her field, with outstanding attention to detail.”

(Tom Cook, The Cornucopia: Oregon’s Richest Gold Mine)

“Thank goodness for Kate! We asked for her help quite late in our venture of editing a collection of opera reviews. After years of collecting them together, transposing them from print to the word-processor, deciding upon and implementing a workable format, and having the manuscript proofed, we felt we were almost there. We simply needed assistance with the cover and the submission process. What we had not counted on was the many hundreds of unspotted errors which took three printings and two more readers to correct. Kate was brilliant and patient throughout. Without her, we would not have managed. Our only regret was not hiring her from the beginning: it would have saved us months, if not years, of wasted time. Our advice: write or edit a book. But leave the publication process to Kate, the expert!”

(John Flower and Julia Tanney, McCann on Opera)