I will create a customized package for you after learning more about your book (and seeing a sample chapter, if applicable) and your vision for it. Services can include any or all of those listed below, depending on your needs, and they don’t necessarily need to be contracted for all at once – although copyediting, if desired, should be the first step. My rate will take into consideration issues such as word count, degree of editing required, type of e-book chosen, if cover art is provided, if images are used within the text, if assistance in uploading files is needed, etc. However, as a general rule, you can expect the following ranges in pricing.

Interior Formatting: $500-$750
Font selection, chapter headings, page numbering, margins, front and back matter, running headers, consistency in spacing and justification, table of contents, trim size selection, block quotes, footnotes, etc. All custom created to match the theme and style of your book – no templates used!

Cover Design: $250-$350
Full cover including front, back and spine, space for ISBN barcode, using stock images (charged separately) or copyright-free or client-provided artwork.

Copyediting: $100-$125 per 10,000 words
Thorough read-through to analyze grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax, as well as consistency in matters such as capitalization, hyphenation, italicization, etc. Also checks for any major mistakes in content such as continuity errors and repetition, but is NOT a thorough critique of style or plot.

Proofreading: $40-$50 per 10,000 words
If your manuscript has already been thoroughly edited but you want one final pair of eyes on the little details after it has been laid out for printing (either by me or someone else), this checks for basic spelling and punctuation errors, indentation and spacing inconsistencies, awkward page breaks, and any other typos in the text.

Ebook Conversion: $75-150
There are several ways to convert a print layout to ebook and several ebook formats, which affects the price. I can also format a book solely for ebook distribution, which will be a higher cost which depends on the state of the manuscript.

Miscellaneous Design: varies
Need your interior images edited to grayscale, checked for adequate resolution, cropped, enhanced, or otherwise modified? Want a logo to use as your very own publishing imprint? Planning to send out promotional postcards or put up flyers in your local bookstores? Thinking about a complementary banner for your blog or images to use on your website or social media? Having trouble setting up your Amazon Author Central or Goodreads page? Let me know what you need and I will include it in your quote.

Quick Fixes and Consultations: varies
Maybe you’ve done most of the work yourself but you are struggling with page numbers in Word, or embedding fonts in your PDF, or increasing the resolution of your images. Maybe you’re getting a confusing error message when you upload your files. Or perhaps you simply need to talk to an expert before you DIY the rest. I offer reasonable rates for small fixes as well as 30 and 60 minute phone consultations.

Guidance Through the Process: included in all quotes
Which POD company should you use? Do you need to buy your own ISBN? How does a bookstore order your book when it’s published? When will you get your royalties? What is a proof copy? I can guide you through each step of this process, even including uploading the final files for printing, if desired.